A Trip To Greece


In early November of 2014 (that’s five months away) I’ll be leading a tour of Greece that will include many of the setting of my novels, both historical and fantasy.  We’ll visit Mistra, the last capital of Byzantium, and Delphi, the greatest temple complex left to us from the ancient world; the awe-inspiring (at least to me) acropolis of Athens, as well as the famed Gates of Fire (Thermopylae), the site of Philip and Alexander’s great victory over Athens (Chaeronea) and Marathon…


We’ll also experiment with some first-quality reenacting; period Persian bows, bronze headed arrows, helmets, aspides (shields) perhaps even Medieval long swords.  We’ll eat some fantastic food, and drink some excellent wine, and discuss–philosophy, and history, I assume…

Here’s a draft itinerary.  The cost is In single room   EUR 1012
In double/twin room   EUR 832 and of course you have to get yourself to Athens.  I think we have 8 places left.

Day 1 (Nov. 3, Monday): Each guest will be arriving separately. Individual transfers to the hotel by private taxi (maximum 3 persons). Overnight in Athens. Meals: –

Day 2 (Nov. 4, Tuesday): Athens and Marathon. Free lunch. Welcome dinner as group. Overnight in Athens. Meals: breakfast, dinner in restaurant

Day 3 (Nov. 5, Wednesday): Drive from Athens to Corinth, making perhaps a stop en route to view the straights where the naval battle of Salamis was fought. Then on to Corinth for a visit. Free lunch. Overnight in Nauplion. Meals: breakfast, dinner in a taverna

Day 4 (Nov. 6, Thursday): Day trip to Sparta & Mystras, including lunch. We can also include a visit to the Museum of the Olive in the Mediterranean in Sparta. Free dinner. Overnight in Nauplion. Meals: breakfast, lunch

Day 5 (Nov. 7, Friday): Day trip Mycenae & Epidaurus, including lunch. Overnight in Nauplion. Meals: breakfast, lunch

Day 6 (Nov. 8, Saturday): Drive to Delfi, via the Rio-Antirio bridge. Visit the site. Overnight in Delphi. Meals: breakfast, dinner at the hotel.

Day 7 (Nov. 9, Sunday): Day trip to Thermopylae and a bit further to the north to reach roughly the point where the mainland faces Evia’s north coast, where the naval battle of Artemissio was fought including lunch. Overnight in Delphi. Meals: breakfast, lunch

Day 8 (Nov. 10, Monday): Drive back to Athens, visiting Heronia and Platees on the way back. Lunch included. Farewell dinner & overnight in Athens. Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner in a restaurant

Day 9 (Nov. 11, Tuesday): Individual transfers to the airport & departure

If you are interested, please contact Aliki Hamosfakidou at Dolphin Hellas Aliki@dolphin-hellas.gr and say you want the ‘With Pen and Sword’ tour.

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