Perhaps some exercise?


I’m wondering if the folks coming on the Pen and Sword tour would be interested in practicing some historical swordsmanship while we’re in Greece.  My notion is to explore Italian Longsword or single sword, and I’d teach some basic forms, all the guards, and bring equipment to allow some (very limited and safe) sparring.


Martial Arts

I’ll be doing my forms and guards every day, anyway.  Care to join in?  I daresay that in 9 days, I can teach the rudiments of the art to everyone.  What you’d need to do is tell me yes, and then (I’d post more) buy a practice sword (about $75) and have it shipped to Aliki (another $40).  And yes, you could take it home with you….  please contact me at and tell me what you think, or go to the Agora at Hippeis,com.  Thanks!  See you all soon!

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