Pen and Sword II LAST CHANCE



On November 2nd, 2015, I will again lead a hardy band of adventurers through Greek history.  Well, and possibly some ouzo…

This year, following the recreation of the time of the Battle of Marathon at Marathon, Greece, (October 29th – November 1st, 2015) we will visit Athens for some great museums and possibly some examinations of the current refugee crisis; we’ll go to Corinth and see both wineries and fortresses (and the site of a coming Tom Swan adventure and a past Tyrant episode) and then we’ll take our beautiful and luxurious bus (it really is like traveling in a land yacht) through the Peloponnese to Nafplion.  For those interested, the Peloponnese is ‘Morea’ in my Red Knight books.  Nafplion has another superb fortress, as well as a fantastic museum full of Bronze Age through Medieval artifacts, great restaurants and is sometimes called the ‘Venice of Greece.’

We’ll also visit Sparta and Mystras (where Tom Swan is headed right now) as well as Olympia, home of the Olympics, site of several scenes in the Long War, and possessor of the best collection of Archaic Greek armour in the world.

Pen and Sword at Plataea in 2014...

Pen and Sword at Plataea in 2014…

We’ll also visit Delphi and the oracle, as well as the battlefield of Plataea (which we will cover in some detail, because I’m about to write a book about it…) and there will be daily swordsmanship classes from yours truly (Italian long sword this year) and probably some dabbling with spear fighting as well; superb food, a professional wine ‘steward,’ (actually another guest who’s volunteered, bless him) four and five star hotels (really, the hotels were amazing every night last year) and best of all, good fellowship.

Come and participate!  Cost is about 1200 euros plus your own airfare to Greece.  That’s for ten nights and eleven days; about $150 a day, with most of your meals provided.  There’s a great tour guide (besides me) with a PhD in Greek history; multiple Greek speakers, and…  it was the most fun I had last year.

If you are interested, please contact me immediately. BTW, I make no money off this.  It’s really just fun.  And who can end up a character… (see my last blog).  You can see a great many of the locations for all my books and stories, and you can help me figure out all the locations for the Battle of Plataea.  And in the area around Sparta, I’ll be looking for locations of Philopoeman’s battles for a not-so-secret future project.  Right, Simon? 🙂

Please come!


PS Just finished Tom Swan 14 and Tom Swan 15, now into the publishers; they are parts 1 and 2 of ‘Tom Swan and the Last Spartans’.  Meet Scanderberg, fight the Turks, deal with papal corruption.  All in a day’s work.

Today, when I complete this little blog, I start William Gold III ‘The Green Count.’

And after the tour, I’ll begin ‘Plataea,’ the culmination of the Long War.  Busy, busy.

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